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History of humour - humor

Hello Buddy... Since the dawn of Time, we Penguin People have always found your human humour, a most funny thing. We have noted through the long centuries, that what will actually make an individual human smile, or find something amusing, is not always solely dictated by any single culture, that the human might live within.

For example. A joke, or humour, told or watched by a single family group, might have some of the group crying with laughter, whilst others, within the same room, might not find anything remotely amusing at all.

Some of this human humour, will travel the entire globe and be found amusing by many. Some of this humour, will be restricted only to an audience, of a particular area. Sometimes, the jokes themselves, will be altered slightly, to suit the particular area in which they are told. However, or wherever it is portrayed, humour will remain a most personal, human thing.

It is interesting, that all this amusing humour, will also change with time itself. Whilst something like a comedy TV show or joke, may be found to be amusing by many today, they could also have a very short lived time frame, when the audience of the next generation, will have changed their perspective, of what they, individually, find funny.

Of course, some of this humour does manage to cross the Time boundary and stands as amusing today, as when it was first told or produced. This sort of humour, usually, is of the reflection of every day society kind, which portrays common situations and thoughts, within which, humans find themselves and through which, they can relate to in everyday life.

Thank you for visiting my note page. I have noted some examples of past humour on this page and will add to it, as time progresses.

Smiles and best wishes on your surfing, Divinia Lips.

Human Jokes

Q? What did actor John Wayne (1907-1979)

have in common with school toilet paper?.

A? He was rough tough and took crap from no-one.

Two cannibals sat down to lunch.

"I really do not like your husband!" said one.

"Well" said the other. "Only eat the chips!"

Q? How can you tell the age of your parents?.

A? Count the rings under their eyes.

There was a Russian, an American and a blonde. They were arguing over who was the best. The Russian says...

"Well we are obviously the best, because we were the first into space".

The American says...

"No were the best, because we were the first to land on the moon".

Then the blonde buts in and says...

"Look, we are the best because we are going to go to the sun".

"You can't do that, you'll burn!" replied the Russian.

"Don't be silly" said the blonde. "We are going to go at night time!" [ More]

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Humour - Humor history notes - Page 1
Humour in history notes pages ;-)
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