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Internet World Wide Web Dark Side


Introduced by General Dark Side Knowledge :-)

Not really advised, yucky bits, the pink and odd web notes Buddy.

Hello Buddy... The best things in life are free, but if you want a picture of it you have to pay a fee. They want your money, yes that's what they want... Just a minute, sure there's a song there somewhere?... Mm, well...

Lets face it, everyone has to make a living. And I’m sure that they are all very nice people really, well maybe, some, anyway. But there is a lot of peculiar online world wide web stuff about out there, that almost everyone surfing the net will be bound trip over at sometime or other. But please do beware, as it may be quite upsetting and designed to involve extracting copious quantities of visitors cash. One seedy, posed picture, may make more cash than a million words it seems.

But what if... Mm... Say evolution were to have been very different and say for example cows had replaced the human race as the intelligent, dominant, species on Earth. Would we now have such things as play-cow' magazine (Look at the udders on her?)... Strange...

Only the human race as a species get turned on by pictures of itself, no other animal does. But I suppose its just as well humans are the dominant species, just think how large the keyboards on a PC would have to be?

Well, if it really is your thing and you feel you must peek, and are drawn by the dark side, then you are free to make your choice and carry on. But please do remember, that all these pictures ultimately feature someone’s son, daughter, mother or father. No matter what you may view or quickly pass over, remember that rather chilling thought.

The other chilling thought that may or may not occur to you, is that any innocent chimpanzee with a keyboard could eventually summon up these type of web sites just by randomly hitting the keys, as could any age of innocent young human being.

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