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Echoes of the past, present pains, visions of the future.

Jihad in the Modern World?

Tolerance. Intolerance. Love. Hatred. All for the name of God?. In the twenty-first century you humans are still living with and have yet to sort out the inherited mixed legacy of world history. Not your fault, but remains your problem. Disputed borders of countries. Borders of faiths. Borders of tolerance.

The middle-east area is of course a key area and rather a fire-keg mix of the history of all your religions and today's most urgent and difficult problem to solve. When the words stop the wars begin, the people suffer. Not much has changed in thousands of years. Today, unfortunately for all the word Jihad (meaning Holy War in Arabic) is echoed freely by some right now. But what does it actually mean and how could it change the future?

Well to put it in a nutshell (although many still sadly prefer a bombshell), the concept itself has actually very noble origins of self protection and not today's universally miss-understood concept of attack. The once fragmented tribes of Arabia could use it to be called upon to unite as one unity, to protect and defend lands and faith from assault by either Infidel (non believer in Islam) or indeed other neighbouring country's,(although these may have been populated by people of the same faith).

How could this religious belief and concept if implemented today change the future?. Well, think further into the future. What happens if the worst case scenario evolves and the present difficulties get out of hand and become regular tragedies whatever the scale. Well, if you have a vision to the future, then the western countries may eventually declare and put in legislation, a no religious tolerance policy to any faith that declares war. This would have the result, that whatever the faith involved it could not be practised and tolerated in the countries under attack. This would result in the faithful, whether involved or not, having to return to a land where they are free to practise. This would then cause a very real down to earth economic cultural and social crisis for the Globe. A religious form of Berlin Wall. Not the way forward for humanity as a whole. But a real possibility if the words stop the wars begin the people suffer.

It is worth remembering, that no religion was ever created to justify warfare. All teach peace, in their own way, to all the many human cultures. It is only some of your human people, who are merely passing through time, that fail the test of peace, that all these many books convey. Please whatever your faith may be, pray for your humanity to be at Peace, not in pieces.

In Toon. Out of Tune Creations.

Watching your human race evolve throughout time, has always been an enjoyable and most interesting experience. You humans have now and have always, expressed yourselves and portrayed your own views of the varied existence around you, in many artistic and sometimes, quite bizarre ways.

To take a point in Time. Lately. Cartoons that have been printed in Denmark, have caused quite a reaction around the world, to their appearance in various newspapers.

It would appear? That the cartoonist of those drawings. Thought it would be of amusement and maybe, almost sub concisely proceeded to translate the many acts of violence that some of you humans have inflicted upon themselves and others into drawing a strange, alternative effigy of the Creative Spirit of Peace and Light which has now become offensive, to many dedicated followers. These printed drawings purport to show that the Spirit of Peace and Light was actually supporting those that inflict violence upon others.

Well of course the creator Spirit of everything would not support any sort of destruction of the very things that it has itself created, why would that be so? Therefore, the drawings would rightly be seen as offensive.

But what has been the reaction of some humans? Well.. To create more violence?.. Strange and illogical?

So would this violent reaction prove to the creator of those drawings that they were right in their own views? Well no obviously. It just proves that not all you humans choose follow the peaceful path and be in respect of other peoples views of creation and their own particular if not peculiar to your own sensitivities. [ More]

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