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1. The meaning of life
2. One God?
3. World Wrestling Faith
4. WWF
5. The Modern World
6. This is the Modern World
7. St Pauls Cathedral
8. Mosque at Gibraltar
9. Faith not Proof
10. The Key To World Peace

A thoughtful Peace Faith. Dwelling on all sorts of things.

Could natural disasters such as earthquakes, storms etc, be an act of a vengeful Spirit Of Peace and Light toward mankind, its own creation?

Or could these horrible things be the product of an Evil Darkness, laughing itself silly, at mankind’s thoughtless, unintended support for it?

Maybe, all these horrible things are just an act of Nature?

Something to contemplate yourself and the answer you may arrive to, really depends, where you put your own thoughts and faith, doesn’t it?

The average human pecking order of life.

GOD... A Supreme being, creator of everything. If you want to attach thanks, blame, seek guidance, have faith in or not, or just wish to ignore, this is the feller (or lass) for you, depending upon your own free thoughts.

WOMAN... Also considered a supreme being, but within households. Magical qualities, able to empty wallets in seconds or spend hours touching every item of clothing in shops without a single purchase. First temptation of man, pictures of whom now create vast wealth for the seedy creative types and content filler for every newspaper world-wide.

MAN... Each thinks himself to be a supreme being. Until marriage, then finds himself replaced by the above.

TEENAGER... Possessed at thirteen with dark abilities. Surly, stubborn almost attains woman's wallet emptying abilities. Later turns the car into a trash can and quickly develops homicidal tendencies behind the wheel.

CHILD... Emanates foul smelling fluids from both ends, attention seeking. Unfortunately, may return to this state in adulthood when drinking alcohol.

Your human World. Swings And Roundabouts.

In 1945 a dictator, detached from reality, sat deep in his underground Bunker within his capital Berlin. Right to the very end he ordered his troops to fight to the last for his regime which was already ending it's short time in history's very long book. Many family's at that time on both sides lost loved ones, never to take their children to the swings and roundabouts of local parks again.

Today, history's swings and roundabouts has replayed this sort of scenario in Iraq and we can only hope that it will never be repeated anywhere else in the future. But no matter how bad things may seem today in the news, or what happens, in fifty or a hundred years time, the events of today will be just a very distant memory and another page in another book. War, well, it’s simply not cricket is it and quite frankly, well, it sucks. A Pity dictators throughout History did not think the same way. No matter how powerful they or their regimes may be, or have been and what chaos they have caused on this planet, the Almighty spirit of Peace will ultimately be their final Judge and as we follow the serious side of conflict in the World today, I am reminded of the written Proverb in one of your human books. 20,23.

“The fear of the Lord tendeth to life: And he that hath it shall abide satisfied: He shall not be visited by Evil“.

War mongers it seems, always say that God is on their side, but, they really consider themselves the ultimate power and are never satisfied with the power that they hold, always seeking more through the pain of others. They are, as history shows, always visited by, or are a product of, the Evil of Human War. [ More]

Page 6. This is the Modern

The Da Vinci Code. A Crazy Book Conundrum.

Viewing events today, I see that there is a bit of trouble in the news lately, for the writer Dan Brown, author of the rather popular book and film, The Da Vinci code.

Seems that the authors of another book, The Holy Blood And The Holy Grail. Claim that Mr Browns own book, takes it’s basic story line (about Jesus not dying on the cross and marrying Mary Magdalene) from their own printed novel.

Whatever, the merit there, the basic fact is, that if read and taken as fictional works, both books and story lines are interesting and thoughtful. But if taken and read as factual, both books seek to devalue the immense and timeless story of the Cross itself, written within the pages of the Bible.

Make your own judgements if you see the film and read these novels. But it may be good to remember. That films and novels are not manufactured with such interest, as to be remembered throughout the test of time. Where the Holy books on the other hand. Have stood the test of time, to the present day and their original peaceful text, context and content, is really best left alone to conjecture and possible fictional event writing.