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1. The meaning of life
2. One God?
3. World Wrestling Faith
4. WWF
5. The Modern World
6. This is the Modern World
7. St Pauls Cathedral
8. Mosque at Gibraltar
9. Faith not Proof
10. The Key To World Peace

Introduced by penguin General Peace Faith Knowledge :-)

Theology the science of religion History Buddy.

Religiously seeking the meaning of life.

Hello Human Buddy... Since mankind or rather humankind first walked the earth he (and she) has continually searched for the elusive questions such as ‘Why are we here?'... ‘There must be more, something greater in control over creation"... And so over Time thus seeded the human races desire for collective beliefs in greater powers at work. Consequently reaching the Great diversity of religions and beliefs you humans hold today and all these springing from the basis that the ultimate creative power is one of Peace, Light and Good Faith.

Some so strong in that belief that they will kill and die for it too. Or not so strong if you look at that logically. The two statements do not make sense. Just like some humans do not make sense. How can killing and dying for an ultimate creative power of Peace, Light and Good Faith be logical. The clue is in the actual words.. Creative. Peace. Light. Good Faith. Power. For centuries humans of all faiths have acted illogically nit picking words as an excuse to act destructively in the name of the ultimate power. One would assume the ultimate power would find that quite illogical too. Creating so much to see it destroyed by the very things it had created and be happy in that. One doubts very much that eventuality that too would be illogical.


Summing it up as a whole. One god (monotheism), many gods (polytheism), no god (atheism). Whatever you may personally believe (and that is up to each individual to make up their own mind, freely with the power of their own inner faith if they have any) the fact is, that if just a massive, coincidental series of separate events have been the Key to existence of everything, then it must itself also have a god like quality, as for the whole shebang of creation is a little too complex than warrants a belief only in the microscope of science and faith in only what you can actually see and physically examine.

If creation is all just coincidental then it is sobering to think that if the human race and Planet Earth disappeared, especially as a consequence of its own actions, it would not matter one jot as the Universe is a big place. But it would be a Great shame. Peace be with you and whatever you believe. Hopefully somewhere in those ideals will be Peace itself. [ More]

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Page 1. The meaning of Life