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1. The meaning of life
2. One God?
3. World Wrestling Faith
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5. The Modern World
6. This is the Modern World
7. St Pauls Cathedral
8. Mosque at Gibraltar
9. Faith not Proof
10. The Key To World Peace

The key to world peace.

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Religiously seeking the meaning of life.

Hello Buddy... Welcome to another one of my religion and churches of the world pages. Here I again have pictures and make comments of many places that humans use to pray or give thanks to the unseen creator.

I have been making note of the sad news that some in the world have now sadly reached the stage of threatening to burn religious books (whether one may agree with their writings or not).

Might I rather humbly suggest that it may now be the time for all human religions to fight back against the spread of hatred and the dark forces that seem intent on causing misery and strife, as turning both the hatred and discontent over centuries of Religious disagreements is not impossible, it just requires commitment and understanding from all sides who really believe in what they preach and who they represent spiritually. For if mankind / humankind has any respect for god whatsoever, then one individual can, and will allow another individual to pray next door whatever his or her faith is.


Page 10. The Key To World Peace

The collective all faiths cemetery in Gibraltar.

In the end all are equal.

How humans have equated the start and end of life and what happens afterwards is the very basis of all your particular religions.

Rather like today's PC language, human life span may also be summed up as thus…

Create the PC system (Human) and individual operating system (Soul and free thought) run for a number of years. Deconstruct the PC (End of humans life) send the Soul and free thought for analyses. Reset the system according to judgement on the performance of the individual operating system.

The Grim Reaper Cartoon