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Survival of the human species was only achieved by united exploration and colonisation
of new planets necessary due to the uninhabitable nature of their own home Planet Earth caused by themselves.
The barren wastes of space had now become rich in intelligent life human nations and
alternative cultures, that without the constraints of borders drawn on maps lived both
in cooperation and respect of each other. Living space was no longer a problem.
Place the cursor over a particular planet to reveal the name.

How Humanity ‘imagines’ itself to be is unimportant.
How the entire Universe ‘observes’ it to be is crucial to its survival. A dangerous species to itself and others.

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When Planet Earth was finally made uninhabitable by humans,humanity could only survive by populating other far away worlds to include every nation and culture, with no borders or geographical problems.

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planet earth

After finding the ability to wage War. Why does the Human Race seek to find World Peace?

- Survival - Morality - Power - Immortality -

 - To become a Master Race of the Universe -

To find what you seek first ask the question as to why you seek it
and what you would then actually do with it.

World Population in numbers

Billionaires in numbers by nationality

Millionaires in numbers by nationality

Poverty in numbers by nationality

Charles Booth’s map of poverty

Charter of the United Nations

Westphalian Peace Treaty

Westphalian soverighnty
Music of the spheres

UFO sightings
Space exploration

There is always opposition to Peace.

Progress on Earth

Searching for understanding peace on the Web?
Exterior Web page searches over time are below.

Dark Matter Amoeba Union gives notice
to the Ultimate Authority that it totally Disagrees with the Human Species Immigration beyond Earth.
Humans will bring disease pollution take jobs resources usurp Amoeba living spaces drive up prices for un polluted zones alter those cultures that have existed for generations.Vote against integration of this dangerous species its history speaks for itself they have not changed their attitude to themselves or anything else.This statement only reflects their own actions and words toward others of the very same species who worship commerce,$
not the spirit of peace and light*.

Conspiracy theories

Secret Societies

New World Order

Bilderberg meetings

Rothschild Dynasty

One World Under God

Werner Von Braun

Nasa Moon landings

Richard von Coudenhove Kalergi

Jean-Baptiste Nicolas Robert Schuman

John Maynard Keynes

Ode to Joy

European Union History Background

Last Time I cried Chris De Burgh

IF Roger Whittaker

Freedom through work

Hitlers speech

Churchill speech


Fake News


Brian Wren Poem Life

Eve of Destruction

Deuteronomy 29- A last appeal

Peter 2

Ezekiel 13

The Acts 17 - Pauls Address

And when it is said unto them - Cause not disorders in the earth




First cultures




World Religions

First cities of the World

Industrial Revolution


Slavery in the Modern World

Indigenous populations

Partical accerators worldwide

Unlimited Energy Source

Nikola Tesla

Thomas Edison

Nuclear Energy

Slavery in the Ancient World

Ancient Empires

Ancient Wars


Kings and Queens








Colonial Wars

World Wars

Weapons expenditure by country

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